Friday, February 13, 2015

Pop culture roundup: Van Morrison's revenge; Disney's Golden Books; Tiki fever; Kamandi; Asterix

Check out Van Morrison's "revenge tapes."
[Morrison] would later parody what he viewed as Berns’s tendency to over-produce in one of the ‘revenge’ songs recorded to get out of the Bang contract … mockingly chanting, ‘Yeah, we’ll get a guitar … we’ll get three guitars / No!, No!!, we’ll get four guitars / and we’ll get Herbie Lovelle to play drums / and we’ll do the sha-, sha-la-la bit.’

A new tome pays tribute to the art of Disney Golden Books.


Remembering America's mid-century Tiki craze.


See a nice selection of Kamandi splash pages by the great Jack Kirby.


The new creative team for Asterix is holding a contest to select two fans who will be caricatured in an upcoming story. Unfortunately, the competition isn't open to U.S. fans. And I really wanted to be in an Asterix album, too....

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