Friday, May 16, 2014

New poster for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy!

Today's Best Picture Ever: Stevie Wonder!

Fab Friday: A Hard Day's Night lobby cards - tinted!

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Pop Culture Roundup: Dylan! Miyazaki! The Prisoner! Brian Eno!

Bob Dylan will release a new album, Shadows of the Night, and has previewed it with a cover version of the ballad "Full Moon and Empty Arms," recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1945.


Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki is retiring from making feature films, but still has a number of creative projects in store.
For now, retirement for Miyazaki means spending time with his grandson, and also drawing another manga. He pulls a few pages from a folder: it’s a samurai story with impossibly intricate battle scenes. Later, when I mention it to Suzuki, he laughs and says: “That will never be made into a film.”
He also hopes to create three new animated shorts which will be shown at the Ghibli Museum. Miyazaki famously recommends that parents should restrict their children to watching his films only once a year, and loves that the Museum’s repertoire of short films cannot be seen anywhere else, so that the very experience of watching them becomes a memory to be treasured.

Via BoingBoing, get PDFs of all the official scripts from cult TV show "The Prisoner," including unused drafts and stories!


Rolling Stone catches up with Brian Eno.
These days, all pop music is full of contrasting ideas from different eras jammed up together – in other words, it's come to resemble an Eno record. "My daughters, if I look at the playlists in their various listening machines, there'll be a doo-wop song next to a hip-hop song next to a folk-rock song," he says. "Whereas, for us, you knew you had to hear the new Hendrix record, the new Stones record. There was a canon. Just like in every art form, there's a period when there's a canon, then there isn't any longer. Because the distribution improves and there are too many things around. So listeners are more active than ever. They have more to look through, more decisions to make." He laughs grandly. "Poor bastards."

Fab Friday: Vintage Beatles pics!

George and Pattie.

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