Thursday, November 10, 2011

Miles Davis bio-pic gets director

Via the Guardian:

The man behind Biggie Smalls film Notorious to helm picture based on Dark Magus, a book by Davis's eldest son, Gregory.

A biopic of jazz legend Miles Davis looks set to go into production after it was annouced that director George Tillman Jr has signed up to the project.

Currently titled Miles Davis, the film will draw on the book Dark Magus: The Jekyll and Hyde Life of Miles Davis by Davis's eldest son, Gregory Davis, and will be able to use Davis's music in its score.

Photo: George Harrison and Pattie Boyd in A Hard Day's Night

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Photo: Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett

This week on BBC Radio

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Glen Campbell - The Rhinestone Cowboy
Glen Campbell shares memories of a lifetime lived in the limelight.

Les Paul: The Final Words of a Pioneer and Guitar Legend Available on BBC iPlayer
Duane Eddy's celebration of the man who helped pioneer the electric guitar.

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Noel Gallagher.

Sounds of the 20th Century Available on BBC iPlayer
Jeremy Vine introduces Radio 2's audio journey through the years

Atlantic Story, The Available on BBC iPlayer
Johnnie Walker tells the story of the Atlantic Records label.

A Stuggy Pren Available on BBC iPlayer
Poems, songs and relaxation tips from Ivor Cutler and friends

Herge's The Adventures of Tintin Available on BBC iPlayer
Adaptations of Herge's classic cartoon adventures

Robert A Heinlein's Methuselah's Children Available on BBC iPlayer
Robert A Heinlein's sci-fi novel about a group of families who can live for many centuries

Bond and Bourbon

Two of my favorite things. Via Booksteve's 1966: My Favorite Year:

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Brian Wilson working on new Beach Boys album

Despite varying reports that he'll join the band on a 50th anniversary tour, Brian Wilson has confirmed that he's collaborating with his former band on a new album.

From the Howie Edelson radio show:
Wilson has recently been laying down preliminary tracks for the still unnamed 50th anniversary project -- which kicked off last summer with him, Mike Love, Al Jardine, and Bruce Johnston teaming up with members of Wilson's and Love's respective touring bands to re-record the Beach Boys' classic 1968 hit single "Do It Again."

We asked Wilson if he was happy with the way the group gelled in the studio after 15 years apart: "Oh yeah, I was thrilled! Not one of those guys needs any work -- they're all great. Yeah, they're all good."

Wilson was asked how many tracks he's been working on for the upcoming Beach Boys project: "About six. It's going to be mellow. It's a mellow, mellow album. A lot of background parts -- y'know, a lot of background harmonies. Uh. . . my friend Jeff, one of my bandmembers, Jeff (Foskett), is singing backgrounds."

When asked if the album would be relying on re-recordings of other Beach Boys classics, Wilson said: "New stuff. I would like to advance on to new stuff. I wanna do rock n' roll. I'd like to do rock n' roll."

New comics 11/9/11

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Photo: Burt Lancaster in the Crimson Pirate

Monday, November 07, 2011

Music new releases Nov. 8, 2011

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The Complete Warner Bros. Singles - Joanie Somers

The Girls from Petticoat Junction: Sixties Sounds

Photo: Man With the Golden Gun promo picture - Britt Ekland, Herve Villechaize and Maud Adams

DVD new releases Nov. 8, 2011

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