Friday, April 08, 2011

New details on book collecting John Lennon's letters

The New York Times has fresh details on an upcoming collection of John Lennon's letters, which is approved by Yoko Ono and edited by Beatles biographer Hunter S. Davies.

The publisher said Friday it will release “The Lennon Letters,” containing a selection of the writing the musician sent “to his friends, family, strangers, newspapers, organizations, lawyers and the laundry,” in October 2012.

...In a news release, Little, Brown said “The Lennon Letters” will present the correspondence “in chronological order, so that a narrative builds up, reflecting John’s life,” adding that “many of the letters are reproduced as they were, in his handwriting or typing, plus the odd cartoon or doodle.” The publisher said Mr. Davies had tracked down about 200 letters and postcards, and anyone who has Lennon letters to share for the book may contact him at

Classic Tarzan paperback covers

Golden Age Comic Book Stories presents a great selection of Tarzan paperback art by Neal Adams and Boris Vallejo. I always liked this one by Adams:

New Thor movie clip features a hint of Hawkeye

As most folks know, the upcoming Thor and Captain America movies will lead to a full-on Avengers flick to be directed by Joss Whedon. In this new clip, we seem to catch a glimpse of the Avengers' bowman, Hawkeye.