Friday, July 24, 2009

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Disney Peter Pan button

Huge Simon-Kirby omnibus on the way

Titan Books, publisher of the recent "Best of Simon and Kirby," has announced an upcoming 480-page volume that will reprint the duo's complete superhero comic output--minus comics they did for DC and Marvel.

That means a huge batch of stories featuring Fighting American, Lancelot Strong, The Fly The Stuntman and more.


The Simon and Kirby Superheroes will be released in summer 2010 in the special 11″ x 7-1/2″ oversized format, making it possible to reproduce the comic book pages in their original printed size. “Comics were larger in the Golden Age of the medium,” explained series editor Steve Saffel, “and we wanted to be able to give readers the full experience of these brilliant stories.” As with The Best of Simon and Kirby, the stories will be fully restored by Kirby historian Harry Mendryk, presented on quality matte stock paper in vivid color.

The edition will begin with the mysterious costumed hero The Black Owl from Prize Comics in 1940–the year Simon and Kirby first joined forces. It will include the big-top swashbuckler known as Stuntman, the Runyonesque adventurer The Vagabond Prince, the entire run of the cold-war patriot The Fighting American, and The Fly and Private Strong—the final Simon and Kirby collaborations before Jack Kirby moved over to help launch the Marvel Universe.

“What’s more, we’ve got some amazing surprises in store,” Saffel added. Restoration wizard Harry Mendryk will take the groundbreaking 1953 adventures of Captain 3-D and convert them to their original line art. These classic stories also feature artwork by Mort Meskin and a young Steve Ditko–who went on to co-create The Amazing Spider-Man at Marvel–and will be published in full color for the first time.

“Plus, with a little help from our friends, we’ve located a bunch of never-before-published pages starring Stuntman,” Saffel revealed. “Many of the pages are in the hands of private collectors, with others coming directly from the Joe Simon archives. As a result, we’ll be able to pull together nearly the entire story, ‘Stuntman Crowns a Jungle Lord,” and offer up other exciting features for the readers.”

Future volumes collecting Simon and Kirby's detective, horror and romance tales are also on the horizon.

You can learn more about Titan's ongoing Simon and Kirby projects here.

Solomon Kane movie poster

Here's a look at the poster for the Robert E. Howard adaptation, out in October.

Joss Whedon Cabin in the Woods teaser posters

Three teaser posters have been released for Joss Whedon's upcoming horror flick "The Cabin in the Woods," out in February.

Deal alert: Complete Twilight Zone for $105

Today only, Amazon offers Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection on DVD for $105.99 instead of $299.99, a savings of $194.

Pop links: Ditko! Archie Comics online! Whedon's Cabin in the Woods! Update on Hobbit, Tintin films!

Read three Steve Ditko drawn stories from Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #10, 1958.


Archie Comics has started an online service where you can read back issues from the publisher's vast library. Monthly subscriptions are $9.95. You can see sample issues here.


Titan Books will publish a novelization and visual companion guide to Joss Whedon's upcoming horror flick "The Cabin in the Woods." Both books, and the movie, will be out in February.


Director Peter Jackson has updates on his forthcoming adaptation of "The Hobbit," plus his CGI "Tintin" collaboration with Steven Spielberg.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Jonah Hex movie poster revealed

Here it is:

White Out movie trailer

Here's a new trailer for "Whiteout" starring Kate Beckinsale and based on the Greg Rucka comic book series.

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean attraction art

DC superheroes on Google

If you use Google today you'll see a DC superheroes version of the site's logo. Timed to coincide with the San Diego Comic-Con International, the illustration was created by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair.

Pop links: The Green Hornet's wheels revealed! Tarzan's Jane passes! More Bone books coming!

Seth Rogan, star of the upcoming Green Hornet movie, revealed the new Black Beauty (the Hornet's car) at San Diego's ComiCon yesterday.


Brenda Joyce, who took over the part of Jane from Maureen O'Sullivan, has died at age 92. She appeared in five Tarzan movies opposite Johnny Weissmuller and Lex Barker.


More Bone books are on the way, but creator Jeff Smith will have some help writing them.

"Bone: Tall Tales," co-written with Smith, is due out next year, summer 2010. "The Quest for the Spark Trilogy," written by Tom Sniegoski and “overseen” by Smith, will follow in fall 2010, spring 2011, and summer 2011.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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New comics coming from Joe Kubert

This is cool news (from an interview with Kubert and his son Adam about their new Sgt. Rock strip in DC's Wednesday Comics anthology:

I just finished a Hawkman cover. And I’m doing a Hawkman story for a book that I’m going to be editing and putting out from DC. So right now, it’s all Hawkman.

...the cover I’m doing is actually a request from [DC editor] Wil Moss, who is working on something with Hawkman, Superman and some other heroes. The Hawkman story I’m doing is for one of a series of books that I’m doing for DC. It’s going to be a 48-page anthology and I’m going to have guys like Sam Glanzman and people of that ilk, who are going to be working on it with me. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m going to be writing, drawing, editing. I’m putting together this book for DC and it’s going to be called, the tentative title anyhow, “Joe Kubert Presents.” My purpose of it is to put out the kind of book, I like to read.

It’s going to be six issues and we probably won’t see the first one until I finish at least four of them so I don’t trip over my own feet as far as deadlines are concerned. I would guess it would probably be out some time next year.

Look Who's back?

From the UK Press Association:

Tom Baker is to return as Doctor Who in five audio specials.

The 75-year-old actor - who played the Timelord on TV from 1974 to 1981, the longest so far of the 10 actors to take the role - will voice The Doctor for the BBC, following his adventures when he moves into a Sussex cottage in 2009 after leaving former companions Leela and metal dog K-9 on his home planet Gallifrey.

...The adventures, with series title Hornets' Nest, are due to air monthly from September 3 on BBC radio.

Video find: Ringo Starr "It Don't Come Easy" promo film

Pop links: Bob Powell! Doctor Who! Nick Fury!

Read "Atoma" by the great Bob Powell.


The Harris Tweed Authority approves of the new Doctor Who's wardrobe.

Chairman Domhnall Martainn described the actor's tweed jacket as an important and sensible decision.

He hoped young people will be inspired to buy clothing made from the traditional Hebridean cloth.


Nick Fury's Guide to Military Weaponry.

Four new Iron Man 2 pics

Here are some new pics from the upcoming Iron Man 2.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vintage DC Comics house ad

New comics July 22, 2009

Releases of note this week. Click the links to order discounted items from Amazon.

CREEPY ARCHIVES Vol. 4 Another batch of classic horror tales from the old black-and-white Warren mags. Dark Horse should be commended for all its work getting this sort of stuff back into print.

Some fanboy's fantasy I'm sure.

Based on George Perez art. Not too shabby. Nothing I need, though.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS BATMAN Vol. 4 More Silver Age Batman!

SUPERMAN CHRONICLES Vol. 7 Continuing the in-color, chronological reprinting of the Golden Age Superman.

WEDNESDAY COMICS #3 I've really been enjoying this tabloid-format anthology. Great creators and lovely, huuuge art.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #600 A big anniversary issue. I want the Romita Sr. cover!

Marvel Comics October 2009 solicitations

Here's a look at highlights from Marvel's October offerings:

Written by Roy Thomas, Gardner Fox, Stan Lee, Barry Windsor-Smith and Archie Goodwin Penciled By Gene Colan, Barry Windsor-Smith, Frank Brunner, P. Craig Russell, Jim Starlin, Sam Kweskin, Marie Severin, Herb Trimpe and Don Heck, cover by Barry Windsor-Smith.
The Master of the Mystic Arts, Dr. Stephen Strange once again descends into to the eldritch depths of adventure in this amazing collection of Marvel Masterworks! Kicked off by Roy Thomas and the incomparable art team of Gene Colan and Tom Palmer, the good doctor battles his greatest adversary, the towering cosmic presence of Eternity. Although his solo series ends, Dr. Strange's saga against the Undying Ones continues as he teams-up with Sub-Mariner and the Incredible Hulk in a storyline that lays the seeds for the dynamic Defenders! Then, Stan Lee and Barry Windsor-Smith raise the Sorcerer Supreme to new heights of otherworldly glory in the all-time classic Marvel Premiere series. Guided by Golden Age great Gardner Fox and a host of up-and-coming art talents from Frank Brunner to P. Craig Russell, Dr. Strange runs a gauntlet of Lovecraftian horrors from the depths of the ocean to the monoliths of Stonehenge in pursuit of Shuma-Gorath. Collecting Doctor Strange #180-183, Sub-Mariner #22, Incredible Hulk #126, Marvel Feature #1 and Marvel Premiere #3-8
280 pages, $54.99

Written by Don Rico and varoius, penciled by Werner Roth, Jim Mooney, John Buscema, George Tuska, Syd Shores and Jimmy Infantino, cover by Carl Burgos.
Beginning the complete collection of Atlas' action-packed 1950s jungle adventure comics, the Marvel Masterworks venture into the oh, so attractive heart of darkness to meet Lorna, the Jungle Queen! Her jungle-faring father mauled by a lion, the seventeen-year-old Lorna embraces her unexpected new home -- becoming a fierce and stunning girl of the wild and the last word in jungle justice! Trained in the ways of the African wilderness by her mentor, M'Tuba, Lorna is joined by her ever-helpful monkey companion, Mikki, and the bold, two-fisted hunter, Greg Knight. From the murky Black Swamp to the Dead Lake, the pre-Code adventures of Lorna and her cast of characters find them pitted against vicious headhunters, voodoo priestesses, killer cavemen from the Lost City, and Agu the Giant -- a gorilla that could give King Kong a run for his money! You'll also enjoy the tale of two Lornas and stalk creatures both strange and fierce as Lorna uncovers all the mysteries of the jungle. With lush artwork by Werner Roth at his career best, forget it, this is a jungle adventure from which there's no coming back. Get ready to go wild with Atlas Era Jungle Adventures Masterworks! Collecting Lorna, The Jungle Queen #1-5 & Lorna, The Jungle Girl #6-9
248 pages, $59.99

Written by Stan Lee, penciled by Steve Ditko, covers by Ditko and Dean White.
Teenage outcast and king of the wallflowers, Peter Parker, may have the most amazing powers in the super-hero biz, but good luck coming up with more downsides than this cat. Not only does his boss, J. Jonah Jameson consider him Public Enemy #1, he's sending not just one, but two villains after him -- Mac Gargan, the Scorpion, and the vicious Spider-Slayer. And to add insult to injury, the Human Torch one-ups him against the Beetle and the Circus of Crime offers a whole host of reasons to hate peanuts. After that anybody'd need therapy, so Spidey hits the couch, and the couch hits right back with a mysterious foe that's going to give Parker's complexes complexes! To make matters worse, the Green Goblin teams up with the Crime-Master, Aunt May finds a certain red and blue costume, and the Molten Man makes high school graduation a day to remember in Forest Hills, Queens. Top that off with a classic team-up between Lee and Ditko's greatest creations, Spidey and Dr. Strange! Collecting The Amazing Spider-Man #20-30 and Annual #2.
272 pages, $24.99

Written by Ralph Macchio, John Byrne and Mark Gruenwald, penciled by Sal Buscema, John Byrne and George Perez, covers by Byrne and Perez.
Project: Pegasus hires the Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed One as a security chief, but what's the point if the place is already filled with super-villains in the first place? Featuring Hercules and Thundra, Deathlok and Dr. Strange, Captains America and Marvel, Man-Thing and...Classic Thing? Plus: action in Olympus and the Nexus, Hollywood and Yancy Street! New identities for three super heroes! All this and Super Hero Poker Night! What a deal! Collecting Marvel Two-in-One #42-43 & 53-58.
160 pages, $24.99.

Written, art and cover by John Byrne.
It was the world's greatest comic magazine. Again. Not since the days of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the trailblazers of the very mythology known as the Marvel Universe, had someone so perfectly captured the intense mood, cosmic style and classic sense of adventure of Marvel's first family of heroes -- the Fantastic Four. Writer. Penciler. Inker. Visionary. John Byrne took these characters, whose powers resulted from each of them being bathed in cosmic rays during a flight into space, and launched them into realms where few creators before this had dared to go... Byrne reminded readers there was a family at the heart of this team of adventurers. . Collecting Fantastic Four 232-240.
224 pages, $24.99.

Written by Michael Fleisher, Tom Defalco, Jim Shooter and Tina Chrioproces, penciled by Don Perlin, Jim Shooter, Mike Esposito, Jack Sparling, Herb Trimpe, Alan Kupperberg, Luke Mcdonnell, Ron Wilson, Bob Hall, Greg Larocque and Carmine Infantino, cover by Bob Budiansky.
The Hellfire Hero ends up fighting super-villains and super-heroes alike! Up from Hades and caught in the middle, even if Ghost Rider defeats Moondark, Water Wizard, and the Orb, there's still the Night Rider, Werewolf by Night, and the Arabian Knight waiting to fall upon him! Goblins, ghosts, gangsters, and more! Guest-starring the Thing, the Angel, and the Avengers! Collecting Ghost Rider #51-65, Marvel Two-in-One #80, Marvel Super-Heroes Fall 1992 and Avengers #214.

Video find: George Harrison sings "This Song" on German TV, 1977

Pop links: Disney, Stan Lee team for motion comic; Spider-Woman motion comic preview; Partridge Family redux; Doctor Who pics; Ditko, more!

Disney and Stan Lee's Pow! Entertainment are launching a "digital motion" comic series called Time Jumper, which will be available via iTunes.

From the press release:

From the same visionary co-creator of Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, The Hulk and Fantastic Four, comes a thrillingly modern tale about a young man who jumps through time and engages viewers in a multi-dimensional, multi-platform universe. Freed from the constraints of the traditional print comic book format, consumers can finally look forward to enjoying this adventure through a variety of popular media formats rolling-out over the next two years including, but not limited to, online, mobile, DVD, publishing and more.

Time Jumper will first release as a ten-part series of 5-to-8 minute digital episodes made available for retail on iTunes at On July 24, Time Jumper's first episode will premiere exclusively on iTunes for free, with additional episodes releasing through December 2009. Retailing for just $0.99 per episode on iTunes consumers will be able to easily download Time Jumper on their Mac, PC, iPod with video, iPhone and/or widescreen TV with Apple TV.


Lots of pictures from filming of the new season of Doctor Who here.


Former teen idols Sean and David Cassidy are involved in a new series for the ABC Family channel.

Nepotism is not unknown in the TV business, but with his latest project, Shaun Cassidy has taken family ties to a new extreme.

Cassidy is the 1970s teen idol who has spent the last 15 years as a television writer-producer of cult dramas with a sci-fi bent ("American Gothic," "Invasion"). Now he's turned his attention to musical comedy with ABC Family's "Ruby & the Rockits," about two middle-aged brothers, former rock gods who get reacquainted after the long-lost daughter of one of them reenters the picture. The series premieres its 10-episode run tonight.


Check out two Steve Ditko-drawn spook stories from Ghostly Haunts #23, 1971.


See a preview for Marvel's new Spider-Woman "motion comic."

Reminds me of those "limited-animation" Marvel Superheroes 'toons of the 60s!


The voice of Walter Cronkite will continue to introduce the "CBS Evening News."

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vintage DC Comics house ad

DC Comics October 2009 solicitations

Here's a look at highlights from DC's October offerings:

Written by Doug Moench
Art and cover by Kelley Jones

The fan-favorite Bat-team of Doug Moench and Kelley Jones reunite to introduce the newest member of Batman’s rogues gallery in this twice-monthly, 5-issue miniseries! Horrible and unexplained murders have Gotham City held captive. Bizarre deaths have been occurring throughout the city, but the perpetrator is unknown. Even when the crimes have been committed in view of witnesses, all that is seen is a glimpse of a weird, skinless “meat-man” who seems to fade away after the crimes. Gotham’s only hope is their Dark Knight Detective, but how can Batman find and fight an Invisible Man?
Issue #1 on sale October 7, issue #2 on sale October 21
1 and 2 of 5 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Julian Lopez
Covers by Phil Noto

After tracking down a threat to The Man of Steel – and all of Metropolis – Red Robin must team up with the new Kryptonian Nightwing to end this mysterious threat and rescue Flamebird. But is all this just a red herring to distract the heroes from an even bigger threat to Gotham City and New Krypton? Be here to find out in this 4-issue miniseries from rising star writer Sterling Gates (SUPERGIRL) and artist Julian Lopez.
Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers, both by Phil Noto that can be ordered separately. Cover A will feature Nightwing. Cover B will feature Red Robin. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
On sale October 28 • 1 of 4 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by Otto Binder
Art and cover by C.C. Beck

At last, DC Comics collects the legendary serialized story from the pages of CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #22-46 (1943-1945). The Big Red Cheese battles foe after foe as he inches his way toward the malevolent force behind it all: the two-inch long, superintelligent worm known as Mr. Mind!
Advance-solicited; on sale December 23 • 272 pg, FC, $39.99 US

Written by John Broome
Art by Carmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson and others
Cover by Ethan Van Sciver

These seminal tales from the 1960s, torn from the pages of SHOWCASE #8, THE FLASH #105, 106, 110, 113, 117, 122, 140 and 155, introduced the Scarlet Speedster’s Rogues Gallery, including Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Gorilla Grodd, the Weather Wizard, Captain Boomerang and Heat Wave — all prominently featured in FINAL CRISIS: ROGUES’ REVENGE.
Advance-solicited; on sale November 25 • 144 pg, FC, $14.99 US

Written by Various
Art by Jim Mooney, Win Mortimer and Sheldon Moldoff
Cover by Jim Mooney & Win Mortimer

This new ROBIN ARCHIVES collects stories from the late 1940s in which The Boy Wonder faces the Sinister Knight, declares war on Batman, travels to Rancho Fear, battles crime in Hollywood, and meets the fearsome man with the Midas touch. Features tales from STAR SPANGLED COMICS #86-105.
Advance-solicited; on sale March 31 • 256 pg, FC, $59.99 US

Written by Len Wein, Paul Levitz, Cary Bates and others
Art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Murphy Anderson, and others
Cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Superman meets DC’s greatest heroes including The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and many more in this title collecting DC COMICS PRESENTS #1-26.
Advance-solicited; on sale November 18 • 512 pg, B&W, $17.99 US

Written by Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier
Art by Chad Hardin, Aluir Amancio, Wayne Faucher and Hilary Barta
Cover by Joe Kubert

Hit the pavement with Will Eisner’s immortal creation in this new volume collecting THE SPIRIT #21-25. Don’t miss Denny Colt’s efforts to trace a killer to Cambodia, as well as his battle against a terrorist who’s poisoning Central City’s food supply.
Advance-solicited; on sale November 18 • 128 pg, FC, $19.99 US