Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost in Space TV show photos pt. 7

Lost season 5 finale: What happened?!!!

Get the full rundown here!

Vintage Captain America Sentinels of Liberty ad

Pop links: Tennant gets PBS gig! Scorsese plans Sinatra pic! Hear Wilco! Les Baxter! Get a bass lesson from Macca! Fast Forward teaser! Ditko! More!

Soon to be former Doctor Who actor David Tennant has been named the new host of "Masterpiece Contemporary."


Martin Scorsese plans a bio-pic of Frank Sinatra.

The film's co-producer Cathy Shulman said the film would not be "a cradle-to-the-grave traditional portrait of the consecutive events in a man's life".

"Instead, it's more of a collage and, in many ways, it will feel like an album itself.

"It's a collection of various moments and impressions in his life and together we hope they'll tell the full story and present full themes."


If you haven't heard yet, you can check out a streaming version of the new Wilco album here. I had a listen yesterday. Nice stuff, but I think it's too bad the band has retreated from the experimentation that made some of its more recent LPs so interesting.


Today in sharity, some cool exotica from Les Baxter.


From Hard Dies Night, how about a bass lesson from Paul McCartney?


Once we were young.

Found randomly in my Web wanderings.


See the first official preview of "Fast Forward," a new sci-fi-ish series from ABC.


Check out a 1970s horror tale illustrated by the great Steve Ditko.


NPR streams a new musical collaboration between movie director David Lynch, producer Danger Mouse and the band Sparklehorse.

Spider-Man 1967 cartoon episode

Marvel Comics is sharing this ep from Spidey's 1960s TV series:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lost in Space TV show photos pt. 5

New comics May 12, 2009

Items of interest this week. Click the title links to order discounted books from Amazon.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS MARTIAN MANHUNTER Vol. 2 On some parallel Earth that I grew up on Martian Manhunter reprints never would've seemed possible--yet alone two volumes worth!

HOWLING COMMANDOS #1 A one-shot featuring Sgt. Fury and the gang. It ties into some Captain America plot line I haven't followed. Last I heard he was dead. Did he get better?

THOR TALES OF ASGARD BY LEE & KIRBY #1 The first in a six-part reprinting of the Lee-Kirby Thor backup strips.

On some parallel Earth that I grew up on no one could have ever imagined that seemingly every classic comic strip ever created would be reprinted. Completely in chronological order.

Pop links: Top 10 Batman toys! Gil Kane's Tarzan! New Doom Patrol revealed! Flintstones funnies! Beatles Rock Band bass unveiled! more!

Check out the Top 10 Batman Toys for Your Inner Boy Wonder.


See some Gil Kane-illustrated Tarzan Sunday newspaper strips.


DC Comics provides a sneak peek at it's new Doom Patrol feature, which will share a joint book with the Metal Men later this year.


The Fabulous Fifties presents some early 1960s Flintstones comic strip art.


Here's a look at the Hofner bass replica that will be included in the limited edition bundle of the upcoming Beatles: Rock Band game.

More Beatles news at Beatles Blog Daily!


Mark Evanier directs us to the official site for an upcoming Broadway musical based on the Addams Family.

...they have a great cast, starting with Nathan Lane as Gomez and Bebe Neuwirth as Morticia.