Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cartoons animation Best Sites on the Web

Toon Zone
Huge and excellent site dedicated to Warner Bros. toons and the Cartoon Network.

Toon Tracker
Extensive info on TV toons of all kinds.

Don Markstein's Toonopedia
Another huge repository of cartoon history and info.

The Cartoon Network
Offical site for the network. Includes schedules, news, interactive doodads, etc.
Usenet discussion group dedicated to the Cartoon Network and its programming.

The Unofficial Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Page
News, history, discussion related to the classic Warner Bros. toons. Lots of good links, too.

Cartoon Research Co.
Historical info and news concerning classic Warner Bros. and other toons.

The Censored Cartoons Page
An extensive look at deleted scenes from classic Warner Bros., MGM, Paramount and other toons. Includes details on the "censored 11," cartoons deemed too politically incorrect for broadcast or inclusion on home video.

Classic Cartoons DVD
Information and reviews of classic toons now available on DVD.

The Warner Bros. Cartoon Companion by E.O. Costello
Alphabetical collection of terms and topics relevant to the classic toons. From Acme to Yosemite Sam and beyond.

Dave Mackey presents the Warner Bros. Cartoons Filmography And Title Card Gallery
Info and pics from Warner Bros. cartoons from 1929-64. Great stuff!

Hanna-Barbera fan site: WingnutToons
A tribute to the creators of Josie & the Pussycats, Scooby Doo, Magilla Gorilla, the Banana Splits and more Saturday morning favorites.

The Enchanted World of Rankin-Bass
A guide to those cool puppetoon shows, such as "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," that we used to watch every Christmas season. More info: Cartoon-O-Rama: Rankin-Bass Productions.

The Animated Batman: An Unofficial Guide
Episode guides, background info and news focusing on the Warner Bros. animated Batman programs.

Classic Johnny Quest
Featuring info, images, episode guides and production art from the cool 1960s adventure toon.

Star Trek Best Sites on the Web

Star Trek: Official Site
Information, airdate info, trivia, games, merchandise, chat, pretty much everything related to both old and new incarnations of the franchise.

A bold endeavor to categorize and list the zillions of Star Trek links on the Web. Good starting point for fans seeking certain types of information on particular series in the Star Trek family.

Classic Trek
Yahoo! club for fans who want to discuss the days of Kirk, Spock and the rest.

Guide to Gold Key Star Trek comics
A detailed guide to all 61 issues of the comic series published back in the 1960s and 70s, with plot synopses and groovy photo cover art.

The Hulk Best Sites on the Web

The Hulk Library
All you want to know about the Green Goliath, including an issue-by-issue index of the comics, gallery, creator info, latest news and more. Very good.

The Incredible Hulk: Engine of Destruction
A fan site featuring info on the Hulk's powers, his comic book supporting cast, an art gallery and reviews of the latest Hulk comics.

The Hulk Hype
Superhero Hype's special Hulk section, featuring the latest news and rumors about plans for a Hulk sequel.

The Mighty Marvelmania Museum

UPDATED: The Mighty Marvelmania Museum now has it's own site here!

Best Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Tom Swift sites Children's Adventure Book Series

Classic Children's Adventure Series Books

Series Books
An huge cover art collection featuring many, many, many different juvenille adventure series, including the Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, Nancy Drew, the X Bar X Boys and more. Fun to browse.

Girls Series Books
Info on Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Donna Parker and others of their ilk.

Best Hardy Boys Sites

Complete List of Hardy Boys Books
See TIP's complete list of Harby Boys novels. Click on links to check availability from Amazon.

The Hardy Boys Unofficial Site
Nice roundup of information on the juvenille fiction series with info on the 58 original books, their revised editions, paperbacks, a gallery of cover art, info on the TV series (Shaun Cassidy was so dreamy, and links.

The Bayport Times
A Webzine dedicated to Hardy Boys news and book reviews. Includes info on collectibles, the latest books and reprintings and interviews with cover artists, etc.

Hardy Boys Unofficial Online Resource
Info on the original and newer versions of the series, plus biographical sketches of recurring characters, a tourist guide to the boys' town of Bayport, U.S.A., a rogues gallery, casebook and more.

Nancy Drew Sites

Nancy Drew Sleuth
An all-around great site on the girl detective, featuring info about the original vs. revised books, villains, collectibles, tools of the trade, cover art and much more, including info on the latest Nancy-related releases.

Best Tom Swift Sites

The Complete Tom Swift Sr. Home Page
Before young Tom Swift started building jetmarines and flying labs, his old man had adventures. Here's info the book series published between 1910 and 1941. Includes cover art from the original books, info on the Whitman reprints and more.

Tom Swift Dust Jackets
View colorful jacket art from the original Tom Swift, Sr., books.

Gallery of Tom Swift Space Books
More vintage/futuristic art from the Tom Swift books.

The Complete Tom Swift Jr. Home Page
Features cover art and summaries/reviews of the book series launched in the 1950s. Also an article on errors and inconsistencies in the Tom Swift books.