Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lost Clues: "A Tale of Two Cities" Ep. 1, Season 3


The opening scene takes place in what looks to be a typical suburban neighborhood. A book group is meeting. There's a loud noise in the sky and rumbling. Rushing out of doors the book group members see Oceanic Flight 815 crashing.

Turns out this "neighborhood" is the Others' island settlement. And this scene is a flashback.

We jump to the present and catch up with Jack, Sawyer and Kate, who are being held separately by the Others.


* "Henry Gale," who the Others call "Ben" is quite obviously the leader of the group. He orders Ethan and Goodman to rush to the separate crash sites and pretend they're surviving passengers of the plane.

* Ben tells Ethan and Goodman he wants "lists" of the passengers. Such lists are mentioned in season 2 and apparently detail "good" passengers for the Others to abduct. But what makes a passenger good? And what is the Others' definition of the word?

* The Others' reaction indicates they didn't expect a plane to crash at that moment and weren't responsible for the crash. However, Henry's quick reaction and specific orders to Ethan and Goodman indicate the Others have dealt with previous crashes or had a plan in place in the event a crash occurred.

* It appears Jack, Sawyer and Kate are being tested. Or being broken down. Is this all a prelude to brainwashing by the Others?

* Why is Juliet sad at the beginning of the show? Are she and Ben an item? Or were they?

* Juliet tells Jack the Dharma Initiative is in the past. What matters is now.

* How/where did Juliet get the court and other documents detailing Jack's past?

* Who is the man Sarah left Jack for? Why is she so reluctant to reveal his identity? Is he somehow associated with the Dharma Initiative and/or the Others?

* What's up with Jack hearing his dad's voice on the loudspeaker in the area he's being kept captive? Hallucination? Brainwashing technique?

Additional notes:

* Featured music: "Downtown" by Petula Clark (interestingly, Julia takes the CD out of a Talking Heads "Speaking in Tongues" CD case). "Moonlight Serenade" by the Glenn Miller Orchestra, playing in the background sits despondently in his care during a flashback scene. The tune is also on the air when Sayid and Hurley fix the radio in season 2's "The Long Con."

* The book group was reading Stephen King's "Carrie." One of the member's criticized Juliet for this choice of book, saying Ben wouldn't approve of it. Later, when Ben sees Juliet holding a copy of the novel, he says "So I guess I'm out of the book club." In season 2, given a book while held captive in the Hatch Ben/Henry says, sarcastically, "What no Stephen King?"

* The Other "Mr. Friendly" indicates that bears (polar bears) were kept in the cage Sawyer now resides in.

* Numbers shown on Jack's pager during a flashback scene: 7:15:23.