Friday, September 16, 2005

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Quick hits

Director Joss Whedon says he'll take a "Batman Begins" approach to his new "Wonder Woman" film.

More Whedon news: The cast of his "Serenity" film is signed on to do sequels.

A look at the videogame based on Jeff Smith's charming "Bone" comics series.

News on the straight-to-DVD Ultimate Avengers DVD.

The Guardian has an interview with animator Hayao Miyazaki.

Dial B for Blog looks back to the grim'n'gritty Golden Age of Comics when superheroes used to just haul off and kill people. Hey, Robby, ya missed this one:

Planet Xtabay shares another fun one:

Billed as the fastest album ever recorded, Help: A Day in the Life, benefits Hurricane Katrina victims and features tracks by Radiohead, Coldplay, Gorillaz, Kaiser Chiefs and Belle & Sebastian. Get info here.

Peeking ahead: Upcoming comics collections from DC

DC's solicitations for December will be out any day now, but here's a look at what'll be coming out further down the road:

December 2005

DC Showcase Presents The Justice League of America

Manhunter: Street Justice

Tom Strong's Terrific Tales: Book 1

The Spirit Archives Vol. 17

January 2006

The DC Universe as Written by Alan Moore (304 pages, hardcover)

Teen Titans Vol. 5: Insiders

Batman: Hush Returns

Superman Chronicles (softcover, chronological reprinting of early Superman adventures)

Seven Soldier of Victory Archives by Grant Morrison

DC Showcase Presents Green Arrow

Batman Year One: Ras Al Ghul by Devin Grayson

Superman: The Journey by Mark Verheiden

Flash: Rogue War

Golden Age Flash Archives, Vol. 2

Crisis on Multiple Earths: Volume 1 - The Teams-Ups

The Losers: Close Quarters (Vol. 4)

Swamp Thing: Spontaneous Generation

Rann-Thanager War

Plastic Man Archives Vol. 7

Batgirl: Kicking Assassins

Lex Luthor: Man of Steel

Golden Age Hawkman: Archives - Volume 1

Plastic Man: Rubber Bandits

Villains United

April 2006

Green Lantern: Rebirth (hardcover)

Aurora model ads!

New "Harry Potter" stills

Here are a few new shots from "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire":

"Lost" scripter signs on for Marvel project

From the press release:

Damon Lindelof, co-creator and executive producer of the hit
television series Lost, will bring his creative genius and storytelling
talent to Marvel's "Ultimate" universe this December with Ultimate
Wolverine vs. Hulk .

Launched by Marvel in 2000, the Ultimate line re-introduces several of
Marvel's most popular characters in 21st-century settings. Featuring
hyper-realistic drawing and state-of-the-art computer coloring, the
Ultimate books allow a new generation of readers to grow up with their
favorite Marvel superheroes.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk will mark Lindelof's first comic book
writing effort. He will bring his storytelling magic to Marvel's
Ultimate Universe in a high-octane tale that echoes the classic first
appearance of Wolverine (from Incredible Hulk #181). Dr. Bruce Banner
(a.k.a. the Hulk) has been presumed dead since his execution following a
murderous rampage through Manhattan. But when reports start cropping up
of an unidentified creature appearing around the globe, General Nick
Fury - head of America's premiere intelligence organization, S.H.I.E.L.D
- begins to get worried. Not because Banner can turn from man to
unstoppable monster in seconds, but because Banner's existence is the
one secret that can bring down Fury. So Fury turns to the only man he
can trust: James Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine of the X-Men, to take care of
Banner - by any means necessary.

The series will be illustrated by Leinil Yu (Wolverine and X-Men), who
recently signed an exclusive contract with Marvel.

"I'm an enormous fan of Lindelof's work, which is really all about human
drama. I know that his take on this new series will thrill traditional
comic fans and definitely appeal to a whole new audience of fans drawn
to his amazing creativity and storytelling ability," said Joe Quesada,
Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics.

"I actually owned Hulk #181 when I was a kid. Then my mom threw it
away. I can't believe how lucky I am to have the opportunity to
re-introduce these two iconic characters to each other in the
no-holds-barred world of the Ultimate Universe. I am truly honored to
get a chance to fulfill my life-long dream of writing for Marvel,"
Lindelof said.

Prior to Lost, Lindelof was co-producer on the popular crime drama
Crossing Jordan and wrote for the first three seasons of the show.
Last year, along with multi-hyphenate J.J. Abrams, Lindelof created hit
ABC drama Lost. Currently in his position as Executive Producer of
Lost, Lindelof shares day-to-day showrunning and writing
responsibilities with Carlton Cuse.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Quick hits

DC Comics' "The Losers" may be adapted for the big screen.

There's a trailer of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" here.

Keith Richards' cameo in the "Pirates of the Carribbean" sequel may not happen afterall.

SciFi Wire checks out CBS's "Ghost Whisperer."

The New York Times checks out "The Notorious Betty Page," a docu-drama starring Gretchen Mol.

Cocoa Beach, home of "I Dream of Jeannie."

"West Side Story" director Robert Wise has passed away.

Janet Fielding will reprise her role as Doctor Who companion Tegan in an upcoming audio adventure.

The new Toyfare mag (sorry no link) mentions DC Direct doing a line of action figures based on Darwyn Cooke's "New Frontier." Could be nice.

Channel 4's groovy "Lost" site has been updated.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

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Quick hits

Not a lotta details, but Joss Whedon hints he hasn't left the Buffyverse behind.

Here's a nice gallery of toy raygun pics.

You can learn so much from comic books. Like martial arts, for instance, as Fred Hembeck notes.

People really don't seem to like "Loonatics Unleashed," Toon Zone reports.

The New York Times looks at how the Nazis nearly silenced "Curious George."

Lady, That's My Skull (today's best blog name ever) checks out the new Joe Kubert-illustrated of Preventive Maintenance Monthly, the Army manual Will Eisner used to produce.

Japanese smokers are welcome to start fires in a crowded theater during a private screening of "Sin City."

Bill Gates meets Napoleon Dynamite.

USA Today looks at what's in store for "Lost" season 2. Possible spoilers.

"Lost" special provides update, new clues

The first episode of "Lost" season two airs Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. MST, but at 7 you can tune in for "Destination Lost." According to ABC, this special:

...will explore the series in a way that will bring new viewers up to date -- but which current viewers will also find illuminating - in anticipation of the series' second season premiere. From the back stories of some of the most interesting characters on television to the mysteries of the island, "Destination Lost" will provide an insightful glimpse into the lives of some of the survivors of the doomed Oceanic Airlines flight 815. Narrated in a linear fashion and culminating from the pieces of the back stories told over multiple episodes in the series, "Destination Lost" focuses on the flashbacks of a core of characters -- illustrating who they were and what they were doing before the crash, and how the island has changed their lives, for better or worse. In addition, the island itself will be explored - culled from events that have taken place - which may reveal some of its secrets that might have been missed upon first viewing.

And here's a little info about the season's first episode, "Man of Science, Man of Faith":

One of the castaways must descend through the mysterious hatchway; Shannon encounters a familiar face in the jungle.

See the Best "Lost" Sites on the Web.

Teen Titans promote literacy

The animated super-team appear in a new poster for the American Library Association.

According to the ALA:

Copies of the character posters are available for sale for libraries and fans alike. The posters sell for $13 and bookmarks (100/pack) sell for $7.50. Both are available online at or call toll-free 866-746-7252.

Meet the animated Doom Patrol

Comics Continuum has posted a few pics of the Doom Patrol, as they'll appear on upcoming episodes of "Teen Titans."

Here are synopses of upcoming shows, which air on the Cartoon Network beginning Sept. 24:

"Homecoming Part 1" When Beast Boy's former team The Doom Patrol is in trouble, the Titans must embark on a daring mission to save them. Beast Boy explains that this can only mean one thing: the Doom Patrol's greatest foes are back. The Brotherhood of Evil has returned.

"Homecoming Part 2" The Doom Patrol has been saved, but the sinister Brotherhood of Evil is still on the loose. It's just like old times for Beast Boy when he finds himself back on the team for one last mission - to stop the Brotherhood once and for all... no matter what the cost.

"Trust" The Brotherhood of Evil has begun its master plan to eliminate all of the young superheroes around the globe, starting with honorary Titans Wildebeest and Hotspot. This new threat brings Robin to Morocco. But with an unknown enemy, how can anyone know who to trust?

"For Real" Control Freak returns to Titan Tower with "The Ultimate Titans Challenge," a series of events designed specifically to challenge the Teen Titans. But what happens to Control Freak's big plan when he finds himself facing not the "real" Titans -- but the Titans East?

See the Best Teen Titans Sites on the Web.

Out now!

Available now at yer local comics shop or via This is Pop!-supporting links:

Absolute Batman Hush Oversized HC

Black Panther Classic Statue

Gambit Hath No Fury TP

Hellblazer Black Flowers TP

Marvel Masterworks Dr. Strange Vol 2 Ltd. Ed HC

Marvel Masterworks Dr. Strange Vol 2 New Ed HC

Robin Batgirl Fresh Blood TP

Wolverine Classic Vol 2 TP

Avengers Serpent Crown TP

Buffy: Xander Harris 12-inch figure

CD new releases of note

Sept. 13

David Axelrod The Edge
Dave Davies Chosen People
Donovan Try for the Sun: The Journey of
Blue Mitchell Down with It
Hank Mobley Reach Out
Leo Parker Let Me Tell You ‘Bout It
Jimmy Smith The Sounds of
Lonnie Smith Turning Point
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate In the Heart of the Moon
Sonic Youth Goo - Deluxe Edition
Stanley Turrentine That's Where It's At
VA Santa's Greatest Hits: 20th Century Masters - The Christmas Collection
DVD Ray Charles The Dick Cavett Show: Collection
DVD Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock
DVD Pink Floyd The Committee

Sept. 20
The Bad Plus Suspicious Activity?
Ray Charles Duets and Pure Genius - The Complete Atlantic Recordings (1952-1959)
Sam Cooke Nightbeat, One Night Stand: Live at the Harlem Square Club 1963 and The Best of Echo & the Bunnymen Siberia
DVD Bob Dylan No Direction Home
OST Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

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DVD new releases for Sept. 13

Smallville Complete Fourth Season

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Empire Falls

The Pretender Complete Second Season

Frasier Complete Sixth Season

Cheers Complete Sixth Season

One Tree Hill Complete Second Season

Quick hits

Julia Roberts' niece, Emma Roberts, will star in a big-screen "Nancy Drew" movie.

David ("Angel") Boreanz talks to TV Guide about his new drama, "Bones."

Launching in the UK, The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection is a magazine accompanied by a collectible figurine each issue.

The animated "Aeon Flux" series will be out on DVD Nov. 22.

The New York Times does a roundup of this season's supernatural TV series.

A look at how the Cartoon Art Museum pulled off a move into the Empire State Building.

Yahoo! Movies has a preview of extras from the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" DVD.

Bedazzled posts a cool old TV ad for a "Superman" t-shirt.

Superfrankenstein puts Katrina into perspective.

Tiki Tim posts some more great exotica music:

Monday, September 12, 2005

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Details on expanded "Sin City" DVD

The two-disk edition of the film is out Dec. 13. Here's a rundown on the contents:

Disk one:

  • Original Feature Film Presentation.
  • Feature Commentary with Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.
  • Feature Commentary with Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino.
  • Feature Commentary of Austin Premiere Audience Reaction.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes.
  • A Hard Top With A Decent Engine: The Cars of Sin City.
  • Making the Monsters: Special Effects & Make-Up.
  • Trench Coats and Fishnets: The Costumes of Sin City.
  • Booze, Broads & Guns: The Props of Sin City.
  • How It Went Down: Convincing Frank Miller to Make The Film.
  • Giving The Characters Life: Casting the Film.
  • Special Guest Director, Quentin Tarantino.
  • Sin-Chroni-City Interactive Game.
  • Teaser and Theatrical Trailers.

Disk 2:

  • Sin City Recut Extended Unrated Feature Film Presentation (with 23 added minutes).
  • 15 Minute Flick School.
  • All Green Version.
  • The Long Take.
  • Sin City: Live in Concert.
  • 10 Minute Cooking School.

Quick hits

Here's a Flickr page showcasing the art of Roy Huxle, whose paintings adorned the packaging of Matchbox military toys back in the 70s.

Director Joss Whedon has revealed some more details about the "Wonder Woman" film: "We'll meet a Wonder Woman who is similar to the one from the original comics and from the TV series to an extent," said Whedon. "Neither of them are really a template. I've never loved the comics and I didn't watch the television series, but I loved the character very much." He also said, "she doesn't really understand this world, she's very strong but she's also very naive. She's not quite as little as the girls I'm used to writing, but she's definitely one of them in the sense of she'll undergo that kind of baptism of fire that used to be relegated to the male gender. She'll have to come into the world and see how corrupt it is and learn to deal with it and with her own powers. She is kind of, in a way, the grandma of everything I've been writing my whole life, so it makes sense that we should meet."

Via Bubblegumfink: A dancing screensaver featuring my favorite "Doctor Who," Jon Pertwee.

Planet Xtabay has some fresh Les Baxter.

Here's a cool repository of rare Brian Wilson/Beach Boys performances.