Friday, September 02, 2005

Pop Artifact!

Vintage DC Comics house ads

Quick hits

With so much sad news coming out of New Orleans, it's good to hear one of that city's many musical treasures is safe: Fats Domino, missing at one point, has been rescued.

Easy-riding Peter Fonda will play Mephisto in the upcoming "Ghost Rider" flick.

View fresh "X-Men 3" set pictures here.

Bubblegumfink requires technical assistance.

Xtabay has a nice surf compilation to share.

Dial B for Blog celebrates it's 100th post with a great grouping of, um, group shots.

TwoMorrows Publishing solicitations for November

edited by ROY THOMAS

In ALTER EGO #54 MIKE ESPOSITO “tells all” about DC and Marvel, and
ROBERT KANIGHER speaks! Behind a new full-color cover by ESPOSITO
(re-creating one of the classic ANDRU & ESPOSITO Wonder Woman covers),
it’s “The MIKE ESPOSITO Interview, Part II—The DC & MARVEL Years!”
about working with ROSS ANDRU on Wonder Woman, Metal Men, The Flash, “The
Land That Time Forgot”—& inking Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, The X-Men,
The Avengers, Sub-Mariner, et al.! There’s rare art & raucous anecdotes
ROBERT KANIGHER writes about the creation of Metal Men & Sgt. Rock—with
added comments by JOE KUBERT & BOB HANEY! Also: FCA with MARC SWAYZE &
art from “Captain Marvel Meets The Human Torch!”—plus ALEX TOTH, BILL

The 100 page (plus cover), saddle-stitched 8 1/2" x 11" magazine with a
full color cover and black-and-white interiors retails for $6.95 (New
Price) in the U.S. and ships 9 November 2005.

edited by MICHAEL EURY

BACK ISSUE #13 is stuck in the ’70s—and proud of it—in ‘That ’70s
Issue’! NICK CARDY relives his days as THE DC Comics cover artist in an
exclusive art-packed interview. STEVE ENGLEHART and DOUG MOENCH kick
back for a look at kung-fu comics, and JOE STATON and NICK CUTI go
‘Pro2Pro’ about Charlton’s super-hero E-Man! Also: an all-’70s ‘Rough
Stuff’ pencil art gallery featuring FRANK MILLER (his early Spectacular
COLAN, DAVE COCKRUM, and other superstars. Plus: the first graphic
novel, WILL EISNER’s A Contract with God; ‘The Death of Romance
(Comics)’ (with art by JOHN ROMITA, SR. and ALEX TOTH); ROSS ANDRU and
MIKE ESPOSITO’s humor mag “Up Your Nose and Out Your Ear”; AURORA
COMICS SCENES, and other ’70s flashbacks! It’s dy-no-mite! With an all-new

The 100 page (plus cover), saddle-stitched 8 1/2" x 11" magazine with a
full color cover and black-and-white interiors retails for $5.95 (New
Price) in the U.S. and ships 16 November 2005.


Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the New Teen Titans is The Titans
Companion, a comprehensive look back at the best-selling DC series! The
history of the definite teen team is covered through a series of
interviews with fan-favorite creators Marv Wolfman, George Pérez, José
Luis García-López, Len Wein, and others! Also included is a
comprehensive Silver Age section featuring interviews with Neal Adams,
Nick Cardy, Dick Giordano, and more! Plus: Chris Claremont and Walter
Simonson on the X-Men/New Teen Titans crossover! Tom Grummett, Phil
Jimenez and Terry Dodson on their ’90s Titans work! Rare and
unpublished artwork by Cardy, Pérez, García-López, Grummett, Jimenez, and others!
Featuring an all-new cover by Phil Jimenez and an introduction by Geoff
Johns, The Titans Companion is a must-have for any Titans fan!

The 224 page (plus cover), squarebound, 8 1/2" x 11" Trade Paperback
with a full color cover and black-and-white interiors retails for
$24.95 in the U.S. and ships 23 November 2005.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pop Artifacts!

Vintage DC Comics house ad

DVD new releases for September

September 6

Lost The Complete First Season

Greta Garbo the Signature Collection

21 Jump Street Complete Third Season

Charmed Complete Second Season

MacGyver Complete Third Season

Fraggle Rock Complete First Season

Millennium Complete Third Season

September 13

Smallville Complete Fourth Season

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Empire Falls

The Pretender Complete Second Season

Frasier Complete Sixth Season

Cheers Complete Sixth Season

One Tree Hill Complete Second Season

September 20

Desperate Housewives Complete First Season

Bob Dylan No Direction Home

Wallace and Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures

Battlestar Galactica New Series Complete First Season

Crime Story Complete First Season

Teen Titans - Season 2, Volume 1 - Fear Itself

Justice League - Season 1, Volume 2 - Joining Forces

The Batman - Season 1, Vol. 2 - The Man Who Would Be Bat

September 27

Gilmore Girls Complete Fourth Season

Star Trek Enterprise Complete Third Season

Hogan's Heroes Complete Second Season

Law and Order Special Victims Unit Complete Second Season

"Superman Returns" teaser poster unveiled

Here 'tis:

Quick hits

Britain's Channel 4 has updated it's cool'n'cryptic "Lost" Web site once again.

Bedazzled has video of a vintage Corn Flakes featuring TV Superman George Reeves.

Billboard has a Q&A with Paul McCartney.

Also from Billboard, an article about an upcoming documentary of John Lennon, spotlighting his political activism and the government conspiracy to boot him from the U.S.

Betty Boop is shilling for Hooters?!

Comics Continuum has a few stills from the upcoming season debut of "Smallville."

Also from the Continuum link above: Marvel plans direct-to-DVD films featuring the Ultimate Avengers, Doctor Strange and Iron Man. And an upcoming episode of "Justice League Unlimited" will feature Mike Grell's Warlord.

I'm so friggin' jealous: Fred Hembeck has cartooned an interview with Dial B for Blog's Robby Reed.

Someone's catalogued all those ACME products featured in Looney Tunes cartoons.

There's a batch of old-time-radio horror shows for download here.

The Onion's AV Club posts a lengthy Brian Wilson interview.

Best-of CDs coming from Cameo-Parkway

First came the big Cameo-Parkway box set, collecting lots of previously rare-on-CD singles from the labels history. Now comes a batch of individual best-ofs.

Out Oct. 11 are:

The Best Of Chubby Checker, 1959-1963:
1. Dancin' Party
2. The Twist
3. Toot
4. The Class
5. Twistin' U.S.A.
6. The Hucklebuck
7. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
8. Pony Time
9. Dance The Mess Around
10. Good, Good Lovin'
11. Let's Twist Again
12. The Fly
13. Slow Twistin'
14. Popeye The Hitchhiker
15. Limbo Rock
16. Let's Limbo Some More
17. Hooka Tooka
18. Loddy Lo
19. Hey, Bobba Needle
20. Birdland
21. Surf Party
22. Twist It Up
23. Twistin' Round The World
24. Jingle Bell Rock

The Best Of Bobby Rydell, 1959-1964:
1. Please Don't Be Mad
2. All I Want Is You
3. We Got Love
4. Kissin' Time
5. I Dig Girls
6. Wild One
7. Ding-A-Ling
8. Swingin' School
9. Little Bitty Girl
10. Volare
11. Sway
12. That Old Black Magic
13. I Wanna Thank You
14. Butterfly Baby
15. Good Time Baby
16. I've Got Bonnie
17. I'll Never Dance Again
18. The Third House (In From The Right)
19. Wildwood Days
20. The Cha-Cha-Cha
21. The Best Man Cried
22. Forget Him
23. A World Without Love
24. Jingle Bell Rock
25. A Message From Bobby

The Best Of The Tymes, 1963-1964:
1. So Much In Love
2. Wonderful! Wonderful!
3. Come With Me To The Sea
4. Stranger In Paradise
5. Malibu
6. Words Written On Water
7. Anymore
8. Somewhere
9. Here She Comes
10. Hello Young Lovers
11. Way Beyond Today
12. One Little Kiss
13. Address Unknown
14. Wonderland Of Love
15. To Each His Own
16. Chances Are
17. My Summer Love
18. The Magic Of Our Summer Love
19. The Lamp Is Low
20. And That Reminds Me
21. View From My Window
22. Goodnight My Love

The Best Of The Orlons, 1961-1966:
1. I'll Be True
2. The Wah Watusi
3. Don't Hang Up
4. The Conservative
5. South Street
6. Cement Mixer
7. Not Me
8. Crossfire!
9. Don't Throw Your Love Away
10. Bon-Doo-Wah
11. Everything Nice
12. Shimmy Shimmy
13. Rules Of Love
14. Heartbreak Hotel
15. Knock! Knock! (Who's There?)
16. Goin' Places
17. Envy (In My Eyes)
18. Don't You Want My Lovin'
19. Spinning Top
20. Mr. Twenty One

The Best Of Dee Dee Sharp, 1962-1966:
1. Mashed Potato Time
2. Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)
3. Baby Cakes
4. You Are My Sunshine
5. Ride!
6. Do The Bird
7. Slow Twistin'
8. You Ain't Nothin' But A Nothin'
9. Just To Hold My Hand
10. Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love
11. Wild!
12. Why Doncha Ask Me
13. Never Pick A Pretty
14. Willyam, Willyam
15. Where Did I Go
16. Deep Dark Secret
17. There Ain't Nothin' I Wouldn't Do For You
18. (That's What) My Mama Said
19. Let's Twine
20. Standing In The Need Of Love
21. It's A Funny Situation
22. I Really Love You
23. (It's Wonderful) The Love I Feel For You
24. To Know Him Is To Love Him

The Best Of ? And The Mysterians:
1. I Need Somebody
2. Stormy Monday
3. You're Telling Me Lies
4. Ten O'clock
5. Set Aside
6. Up Side
7. "8" Teen
8. Don't Tease Me
9. Don't Break This Heart Of Mine
10. Why Me
11. Midnight Hour
12. 96 Tears
13. Girl (You Captivate Me)
14. Can't Get Enough Of You, Baby
15. Got To
16. I'll Be Back
17. Shout (Part 1 & 2)
18. Hangin' On A String
19. Smokes
20. It's Not Easy
21. Don't Hold It Against Me
22. Just Like A Rose
23. Do You Feel It
24. Do Something To Me
25. Love Me Baby (Cherry July)
26. Midnight Hour (Previously Unreleased Version)
27. 96 Tears (Previously Unreleased Version)

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pop Artifact! Terry and the Pirates board game

Vintage DC Comics house ad

And now this special message...

CD new releases of note

Aug. 30

Cannonball Adderley Sextet In New York
Cannibal and the Headhunters Land of 1000 Dances
Eric Clapton Back Home
Bob Dylan No Direction Home: The Soundtrack - The Bootleg Series Volume 7
Thea Gilmore Songs from the Gutter
Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra Not In Our Name
Herbie Hancock Possibilities
Les Paul and Friends
Sonny Rollins Without a Song
VA Austin City Limits Festival
VA Phil's Spectre 2: Another Wall of Soundalikes
DVD Suicide Girls: The First Tour

Sept. 6

George Clinton How Late Do U Have 2 B B 4 U R Absent?
The Move Message from the Country
The Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang
Sexsmith & Kerr (Ron and Don) Destination Unknown
VA Tee Vee Toons: All-Time Top 100 TV Themes
DVD Punk: Attitude

Allred goes "Solo"

Newsarama has an interview with comic artist Michael Allred, who will be showcased in DC's "Solo" series in October.

Here's an art peek:

This week's DVD new releases

Nip/Tuck Complete Second Season

Curb Your Enthusiasm Complete Fourth Season

Combat Complete Fifth Season

House Complete First Season

Roseanne Complete First Season

Holy Bat TV!

This is pretty cool lookin':

You can get em on Amazon and, presumably, yer local electronics shop.

Quick hits

You can hear "Fine Line," the first single of Paul McCartney's upcoming Chaos and Creation in the Backyard here. It's kinda catchy.

Finally: Columbia Records is proud to announce the release of the brand new studio album by Kate Bush.

The double album entitled 'Aerial' will be released worldwide on November 8th (Nov 7th in Europe).

The first single 'King Of The Mountain' precedes the album on September 27th. It will be available online at iTunes, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, Sony Connect,, Rhapsody, Napster, and MSN Music.

You'll like Booksteve's Library.

The anti-war message of the original "Godzilla" was removed from U.S.-dubbed versions of the flick. Now it's been reinserted.

Kirkus Reviews is promoting comic books and graphic novels with a special supplement, available here in PDF.

Gemstone plans to reprint some classic Mickey Mouse one-page comics in a 360-page hardcover titled "Mickey and The Gang Classic Stories In Verse." The comics originally appeared in Good Housekeeping mag in the 1930s.

Meet the Mighty Moppet.

Comics' first interracial kiss?

Here's an early "Serenity" review.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pop Artifact! S.W.A.T. bullhorn toy

Vintage DC Comics house ads

Out now!

On sale now in yer local comics shop or via This is Pop!-supporting links:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ubervamp Bust

Chronicles Of Conan Vol 8 Tower Of Blood and Other Stories TP

Earth X HC

Elfquest The Grand Quest Vol 10 TP

Essential X-Men Vol 6 TP

Magneto Statue - Bowen Designs

Neal Adams Rowdy And Beautiful Women Sketchbook

Official Handbook Ultimate Marvel Universe 2005

Tom Strongs Terrific Tales Book One TP

Ultimates 2 Vol 1 Gods And Monsters TP

Walt Disneys World Of The Dragonlords GN

Wha... Huh?

Marvel Megamorphs Transforming Super Hero Assault-Bots

SPIDER-MAN 6" Action Figure SPIDER-MAN SERIES 14 Marvel toy Biz Toys

New "Justice League Unlimited" eps due in September

Via Comics Continuum, the Cartoon Network has announced two episodes airing Sept. 17:

"I Am Legion" -- Lex Luthor escapes from a maximum security prison, only to be invited to join Grodd's unstoppable Legion of Doom.

"Shadow of the Hawk" -- Batman is suspicious of Shayera's new boyfriend, a mysterious archeologist with sinister ties to her Thanagarian past.

And two airing Sept. 24:

"Heart of Stone" -- Supergirl, Stargirl and Green Lantern go to Skartaris, the fantastic, hidden world at the Earth¹s core, to help free it from the rule of a brutal dictator.

"Elegy" -- Wonder Woman stumbles onto a plot to steal the powers hidden inside the 3000-year-old, frozen remains of the legendary hero, the Viking Prince.

See the Best DC Comics Sites on the Web.

Marvel Legends series 12 lineup announced

It'll be:

  • Astonishing X-Men Wolverine (newest costume)
  • "Maestro" Hulk
  • Bishop
  • X-23
  • Iron Fist
  • Sasquatch says they'll be out sometime next year. So far, the only picture available is of X-23:

Quick hits

Starlet Charlize Theron will appear in episodes of the third season of the brilliantly funny "Arrested Development."

A look at CBS's "Lost" knock-off, "Threshold." Not to be confused with NBC's "Lost" knock-off, "Surface," mentioned yesterday.

"Million Dollar Baby" screenwriter Paul Haggis has been tapped to script the next James Bond flick, a reworking of "Casino Royale."

Monday, August 29, 2005

Pop Artifacts! DC Comics Mego figures

Vintage DC Comics house ad

Quick hits

The official Web site for the planned Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center is up. Check it out for views of Kirby's comic art and snippets of a video tape interview.

Why Paul McCartney is richer than God.

Sarah Michell Gellar's dodgy musical tastes.

TV Guide takes a look at NBC's "Lost" knock-off, "Surface."

Is Michael Vartan being written out of "Alias"? Does anyone care?

Superhero Hype! has some "X-Men 3" set pics.

An Iron Man cartoon is in the works in France.

Planet Xtabay shares a couple of rare Les Baxter albums.

And from Tiki-Tim's Exotic Lounge: